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Stoney Lake Cottage Balcony & Stair Rails


Walking up the stairs in this beautiful Muskoka cottage, you are guided along by laser-cut scenery of animals amongst bulrushes. The white pine wood surrounding these nature scenes is a sharp contrast to the black powder coating of the metal panels, drawing the eye, forcing you to linger a little longer as you make your way from the bottom floor of the cottage. Blue herons and frogs seem to leap out at you as you walk by, lit up by the natural sunlight streaming in from the large picture windows in the main room. As you turn the corner near the top of the stairs, you can’t help but notice that even the smallest portion of the stair railing has been filled with the outline of a graceful loon, maintaining continuity from the bottom of the steps to the top. As you reach the balcony and look out over the open room, music from the jukebox down below drifts up to your ears, mixing sounds of soft rock with the distant bird song calling from outside. Nature is close by, and feels even closer as you peer down along the balcony railing at the animals amongst the bulrushes. The journey from the bottom floor to the top was more than that; it was a sensory tour of the peace in nature, brought all the closer by the artwork alongside your every step.

Bring your cottage to life with beautiful nature scenes, and make every small journey about more than point A and B.

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